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Bugatti Veyron

In the realm of fast cars, the Bugatti Veyron has no equal – it is the fastest production car ever made. The Veyron is named after Pierre Veyron, a French racing driver who raced for the original Bugatti company and was the winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans race in 1939. The Veyron is not the fastest car ever built – it’s not that hard to get 1,000 horsepower in a car designed for racing. But when you’re designing a quality car that is reliable, durable, emissions-legal and can be driven on a regular street, getting a car to go over 100 miles can be a challenge. In the Veyron, engineers managed to pull off this feat and create a car that can go 253 miles per hour as well as meet the high standards of parent company Volkswagen.

There aren’t that many Veyrons in existence. Bugatti only builds a limited number of these cars per year. For example, in 2008 only 172 Veyrons were sold. There are even fewer people who can afford a Veyron – one of these cars can cost up to $1,250,000. To even get to see one of these cars, let alone drive one, is a rare experience unto itself, which is why it’s so exciting that rental car company HVC Prestige, located in England, allows people to rent a Bugatti Veyron – for the mere price of only $40,000 a day.

Although for $40,000 you could buy yourself a new car, to some people this opportunity is worth the cash. Sadly, you are only allowed to drive 50 miles in the Veyron, which is probably a good thing since when you do the math this comes out to around $800 for each mile. Theoretically, you could just drive the Veyron around the city and let people ooh and awe over the car, but if you’re driving a car that can go over 200 miles per hour, it’s kind of a waste not to test that speed out.

In addition the five digit rental price, you’ll also need to pony up a $300,000 insurance fee, which you’ll get back if you return the car in the same condition you received it in. And not just anybody can drive this car – only people that are over age 28 and have had their license for five years are allowed in the driver’s seat. Clearly, the car rental company doesn’t want to take any chances with inexperienced drivers.

If you can’t afford the Veyron, cheer up – there are plenty of other expensive and fast cars to rent for much lower prices. But let’s face it – even a Hummer or Ferrari simply isn’t as cool as the Bugatti Veyron.

About the author:  This guest post was provided by Car Rental Express – a long term rentals website that offers customers some of the best rental car rates in many cities around the world.

Photo credit:  Courtesy of Shutterstock

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